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follows: Under five years, 31.34; five to fifteen years, O.Sl; fifteen to forty-
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dicrotic pulse as well as quickened breathing. An attempt has been made
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anda bSncf upof the canals of Magendie and Mierjewski preventmg
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in children, this is almost nil. Delirium in these cases is not an unfavorable
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said to me that he had had seventy-five consecutive opera-
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involved. In the female it is much more common and Keen reported 17
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contributions to the literature, some denying and some affirming the existence
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Accidental vaccination of the nose is perhaps more frequent than the
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The Spleen. — AYhile enlargement of the spleen is common in infectious
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war service that tended to shorten life; for it must be ob-
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tions. Some of them may be very noisy and scream loudly until exhausted.
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body is of a brilUant scarlet hue and it is impossible to make out the individ-
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In discussing the reasons for which the bath treatment is preferred it is
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that a polluted water-supply is not a source cf infection unless the B. typho-
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constantly found in detectable traces in individuals who give
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green hue may, as Rosenbach has pointed out, be produced by microorgan-
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the pulmonary consolidation may be due to the typhoid bacillus. Among
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at the time of examination showed but slight increase
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forming organs into the blood stream. (2) Those influencing cell differen-
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laryngicus, or the so-called laryngeal vertigo, is attended with a spasmodic
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That the blood may be rendered infertile to certain dis-
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The peritoneum is also inflamed, and adhesions frequently exist. Ecchy-
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use of a dysentery serum of bactericidal nature. The dysentery serum is
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tests and their differential application are taken from the
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gestion. If bacteria enter there is in addition a rapid putrefactive process,
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right hip. In such cases children are apt to refer the pain above Poupart's
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diphtheria and tetanus — lessons taught also by clinical experience.
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presence of bacteria as secondary invaders, from the intestine or other
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and does not itch. There is no subcutaneous hemorrhage on pinching the
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works represents the happy medium between the bboklets which are
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pneumonia" is commoner than generally supposed. Leube has reported 2
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Any signs of displacement of organs such as the heart, the liver or the spleen,
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group of streptococci alUed to the Stre-ptococcus 'pyogenes on the one hand,
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From these figures, it is seen that 64.4 per cent, of the.
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