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during that day he passed it without assistance. Six days after operation
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On April 28th Prof. W. E. Morgan made the following report :
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metal acts primarily on the nervous system, while, for the patient whose
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cussion and auscultation normal to lower angle of left
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pyonephritis, etc., should be operated upon and cases of pye-
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one of them (J. Watson, British Medical Journal, December 10, 1892)
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ment of its physical standards. Boards of health, public
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1. Several usually occur in series, resembling minute
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near the iliac fossa, resulting from a typhlitic perforation. He
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a rather thin neurotic individual. 'Gangrene of the right big
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mined but that his mother had dietl of consumption. There is no neu-
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however, were similar to those of the case already described.
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Delaware State Medical Society, — ^The annual meeting of
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its normal position. This pad is to be retained in {X)sition by a strap
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number of observers have written upon the blood in the insane ; and
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familiar, the theories, the conjectures of practitioners long since dead,
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A. B. Hale, of Chicago ; W. H. Wilder, of Chicago ; Q. M. Black,
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anew the possibility that an intestinal infection may spread to
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aeries of experiments upon animals, themselves and their colleagues, and
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the relative mortality from diseases of the respiratory organs in town
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alkalinity of the saliva, would be imjxjrtant factors in determining the
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by secondary hemorrhage that it should be definitely rejected.
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lose have been recommended for this purpose. Besides,
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however, there is a retraction of the walls during inspiration
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ed to spoil everything by giving nourishment by mouth,
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generated de novo at the will of the experimenter from various and the
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diminished excitability of all the muscles of the left side to the faradic
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detectable, while with 20 per cent, retardation was quite distinct.
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cases heretofore reported except those of Krause* and my last case
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•= ; P Z 5. t= 5 5 5.5 Z,5_* 5.S.9J S,* ?,«.§ 3E,5.a.s.S.5.5,S.a,3.is,J= ?.«_§_
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and are consequently not exposed to the conditions that pro-