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ing to straighten the uterus." An hypothesis that needs to be

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Tubes so used can be cleaned by plunging them in boiling water,

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Homeopathic State Board of Medical Examiners, and ofp 'jT

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by iodine — and immobilization. Wet dressings must never

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Gynecologist at the Xew York Polyclinic Medical School and Hospital

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the majority of cases," we cannot rid ourselves of a haunting

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tion, and of Williams College Chapter of Alpha Delta Psi. At the

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He engaged in the practice of general medicine in East

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adopted by the medical fraternities as text books for students. In

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Dermatology in the medical department of the University of Buffalo ;

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fastening it in the edges of the fistula, and bringing the whole

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is accounted for by one of her friends by saying: "The

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He is outside of his professional interests a member of the Hamilton

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St, Luke's Hospital, Consulting Gynsecologist to St.

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drops just under the skin, then traversing the pile in its entire

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to take notice of the change and to discuss the methods

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the signs of functional- disturbance may be much the same in

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man to him whom he (Dr. Sanders) considered suffering from

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geon to St. Luke's Hospital, to the Presbyterian Hospital, and to

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epiphysis, one of the epiphysis and diaphysis, and one of the

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traumatism ; they are all too well known for them to

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various values : hence, in our repertories and symptom-lists, you

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ing examinations, and to read Hebrew, Spanish, Italian,

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pathic Medical Society. She studied from both the old

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American Physicians, American Medical Association, Washington

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when it is practised in endeavours to remove an irritating

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examiner shouted to an attendant, " Bring a truss of hay for this

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oftener than any other single means for the prevention of in-

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3. The observer must have had access to all classes of cases,

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in London and Paris. On the homeward voyage he was taken prisoner

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of the Caesarean operation when based upon our more favorable

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carbolic acid, iodoform, with vaseline for excipient.

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is not the amount of urine passed, but the quantity of urea elimi-

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treatment recommended in works on ophthalmic surgery, and

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the seashore or country, let them take them to the public parks,

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as of less value than formerly, its place being taken by rigid