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the front feet in order that we may more readily follow these

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Bactericidal action of the blood serum in variola and varioloid 196

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rabies from the examination of the sections alone. I do not

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recommend the adoption of the amendment as proposed in your letter.

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The microscopical agglutination occurs in much higher dilu

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became more and more frequent and finally were accom

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hemorrhages about the vessels and cellular infiltration about

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with a human culture in which the inoculation masses had

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hyoid bone were separated from each other. The brain was con

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the culture filtered. Except on dog s corpuscles which

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connected for twenty five years he was eveiy thing to the

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even at the time when others were doubtful not without good

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the healthy from the unsound the essential or real from the

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same and for failure to return any diploma to its lawful owner

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On examining the blood of a patient suffering from perni

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recent systematic treatise dealing with the Mycetozoa or

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proceed in the following manner Twenty five or fifty cubic

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To the Council of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario

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one summer vacation or until October following the date of his

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health and happiness of the community. No society should

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the same dog which was used to furnish the control serum

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Medical Jurisprudence and Toxicology Taylor Husband.

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the 5 infected calves four contracted the disease. Clinically

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recovery. Several authors and among them Dr. Remlinger

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any putrifaction process has had time to begin. But I

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hernias phimosis and paraphimosis tropical extremity ulcers and subcutaneous

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it was found that the cream contained many more tubercle

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of medicine chemistry surgery pathology bacteriology hygiene

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present state of medical education in this country and

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second case in which the tube was employed resulted in

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the pancreas is further characterized by what is to be inter

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INDICATIONS Rheumatism gout urinary deposits calculus cystitis prostatitis and

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own day. Dr. Graves however felt very deeply that the

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