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of urea was from five hundred to six hundred gmms j^er diem, it was

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tism. The main support of this theory is the fact which we are now

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many years, and are not associated with cardiac lesions. He further

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from capillary vessels and veins. If it does not dust upon it some of

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the arthritic diathesis, but do not reflect much light upon the original

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with vinegar and water and laid on the back of the neck will gener-

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success of measures directed toward au increase of tolerance is very

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nection with the hepatic congestions that are determined by the

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pulse; in some cases there is a tendency to tachycardia, in others

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The Oil of Clove. — A dram of oil of clove is a convenient remedy

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been already referred to as containing one of the very earliest differ-

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deposits hinder the dilatation of the arterial tube and prevent a rapid

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soluble urates in those liquids. But as the day progresses, and the

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or its elements may be taken in such combinations as caffeine (tri-

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the general dietetic regime carried out at such resorts.

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tion are reduced in the bodies of such patients can be recognized even

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partments continued to accumulate, until an increased

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In order that the body may maintain its metabolic equilibrium

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in the recumbent position, with the inflamed joint upon a well-ad-

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be also given with each portion of the morphine. But such medica-

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among 400 diabetic patients, or 15 per cent., Seegen 30 per cent.,

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a frequent desire to urinate, the act being attended by pain and

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to say whether the hvalinization occurred in hfe or after they were detached.

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(4) Special Cures. — When the patient's circumstances permit, he

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Rosenstein : Berliner klinische Wochenschrift, No. 13, 1890.

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acute form explains the long duration of those cases in which acute

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an albumin yields a violet-colored ring. However, as Stockvis showed, this

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tracted and imperfect couA^alescence. Sir Dyce Duckworth praises

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betes more often than it does the acute infectious diseases. It some-

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Finally it should be borne in mind that there are more desirable

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ally symptoms distinctly and directly referable to disturbance of the

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ing category who are suffering from the moderatelj^ severe forms of

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employed with benefit in the treatment of uraemic conditions.

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most likely to occur during cold weather, when the acidity of the

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tive process continues till vital organs are involved.

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have night sweats; they are among the unfavorable symptoms of

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Patients who prefer to go further afield may visit Hammam

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food. Avoid raw vegetables, pastry, fried fish or steak and rich or