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metritis previously made the uterus being highly inflamed and
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particular case are similar to the conditions attending leukaemia.
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I. Does the blood of the diabetic contain fewer leuco
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than in the city and one cannot help but be struck with the
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with the schooling of young men seeking entrance into the
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sandstones are layers or beds of sand respectively 9 35 20
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tions of the state when the fever season is unusually dry
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Abstracts of Beports of deaths and their causes in the districts cities and
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humor examined in hanging drop and by culture. Results
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session of 1885 86 was one hundred and twenty and the
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or to enter any place building vehicle or vessel used for the
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is to say during the first period of the day the patient
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mildest grade of chlorosis and they all responded well to
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The attempt to count the plates in a Zeiss chamber by the
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length was packed with worms at least three species being
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medium. In water on making cover glass preparations it
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countrymen had a saying that when Virchow died it would
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them have had too much imagination to be materialists that
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ments were made with the brain tissue and yet it seemed of
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serve for illustration Dr. X graduated in a regular college
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no man s liberty will be curtailed by this centralization. If
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Any one who has witnessed two or more operations to
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First. In the male appears 11 to 12 days after coitus.
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have been sufficient to destroy at least ten to twenty animals.
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There have been however objections made against its use
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it is well to bring them again and again before the associa
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and empowered by the City Board of Health or unless such meat
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Stokes life is worthy of Petrie s merit. Dr. Stokes daughter
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He made his experiments as so many questions of nature.
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The quantities of nucleic acid of the testis and of the brain
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officer otherwise he does not appear except at inspection when
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the heavens were overclouded by a storm or whenever clouds
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decision disposes of the question as to whether or not veteri
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ess or of the other processes of his nomenclature are not
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