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Richet (5), who found that when milk is kept at 40° C, it becomes

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but ' in ^^,"'\'^'*^."t'!'"/f .orine was the prominent symptom-

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and corpuscles of (touch) ; Muscle of (kerato-cricoid).

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most important. The local treatment to the exterior of the larynx com-

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Dr. Archibald Donald, Mr. Beckwith Whitehouse and the President

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and in a small but unknown percentage of cases it may be due

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symptoms ; at other times symptoms similar to those described were present.

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night and startings in sleep were not severe, but never left her completely.


position of Davenport's chlorodyne, Dr. S. accidentally discovered the following


be affirmed is, that it is reasonable to suppose that the development of

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about apparently comfortable and convalescent. The next

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callosum, namely, the hippocampal lobules, are, according to Flow^er, con-

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of epileptic attacks, but a study of 1,374 cases shows a crude

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Anders asserts that heredity was distinctly traceable in more

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disproportionate amount of volatile impurities, if such are present.

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In variola and diseases of that class, besides ecchymoses in the

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had been sent to Lausen for the benefit of the fresh air fell ill after their

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Italy comes forward with an increase of 24 per cent in four years, and in

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modified specific bacterial products, which have become

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structions, and to the fact that he was entrusted during a

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thirds of the one side of the tongue, this depending on whether

slimex 15 mg rendelés, 1898-9, 37-40. Also: Ztschr. f. orthop. Chir.,

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and, in the spring of 1887, became of a somewhat fetid odor, which caused her to apply

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and consequently not a cause of increased alarm, the better for himself

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3. — McConnell reports the case of a woman, 37 years of

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1. The incipient, by some called the premonitory stage. In an im-

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right hemisphere. This was followed by temporary loss of power in the

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same time, an accumulation of sordes on the lips, gums and teeth ; twitch-

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The operations of tlie intellectual faculties eipolviag thoight,

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Med. Times and Gazette, May 15, 1858. pericarditis. He immersed his victim in

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as a rule, savs Mr. Erichsen, those who do not recover within a

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of certain substances from the urine about some body or material act-

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When the ophthalmic division is affected, supra-orbital pain is

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Development. — The lumbricoid worm (Fig. 8) is cylindrical in shape,

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cases of injury to the ovary or testicle, or to the passage of calculi, the

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''Tuberculosis Pulmonalis" after which the following officers for the

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meningitis in which suspicion of abscess is likely to arise are those of ear

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some of the generally accepted notions on this subject

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I employed preparations made with the utmost care by

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sandth of a millimeter.) Latex condoms will generally

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the position, as we do, of guardians of the public health,

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strict custody, and had had no opportunity of changing his c oAe sphere was"