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portion of Peyer's glands do not ulcerate at all, but recover by resolu-

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of the vessels within the cord. Certainly we have seen cases in which,

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of the pus in empyema. More frequently the perforation is due to de-

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and pus is abundant, Biedert recommends that a drachm of the sputum be

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six days 7 duration and recurring from two to four times.

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massage on the muscles has not been perceptible. Gowers, however,

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so high as she could. Her urine contains puriform mucus in large

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exudation often interferes greatly with the selection of suitable cases for

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with discharge of pus and of shreds or even masses of areolar tissue.

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has shown that surgical treatment of this lesion may prove efficacious, a

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the nerve) ; the posterior sacro-iliac, roots of the sacral plexus ; the tro-

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water, dried, and placed for a few seconds in a ten per cent, solution of

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abundant, dark red, liquid or clotted, either clear or mixed with food,

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which the intensest pulmonary engorgement exists represent those which

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with cerebral disturbances ; in the acute cases convulsions, delirium with

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threatening nothing can be done in the way of prevention, except in

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tion of the walls intervening between such cavities cysts are formed,

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SYMPTOMS. The hemorrhages are mild or severe, usually a slow