the ether-lecithin mixture is put into the serum there will be prac-
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by this experiment was that the dog had a very narrow escape from
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hydrates must be included in the total (flour 70 per cent., eggs 0.5 per
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that the acid is very finely divided and no large crystals of it remain.
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According to Dr Bryden, it is the spring and summer rains which
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Energetic Diaphoresis. — If the attack is already under way, we
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is mental and bodily rest. All strenuous exercise must be given up. In
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Maryland Agricultural Experiment Station herd as follows:
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that they, like the work before us, are the fruit of a " magna con-
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transferred to another pig. This pig died on the tenth day, after
and in the last eight years there had been but two cases of cerebro-
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a) The Precipitin Reactions and Vegetable Proteins .... 67
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rigid, the free flagellum and membrane having been lost (PI. i.
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tein rendered the animal sensitive only to the same protein but
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formation. The transforming mechanism will produce the trans-
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water, and drink in small quantities during the- day.
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presence in excess. Lactic acid is found in sweat, and the natural
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tion of desiccation, these brains were placed in an ordinary desic-
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Subculture Media, Standard extract broth. Reaction, +1.5. Quantity in Each Tube, 10 c.c,
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loses its power less rapidly with dilution. It has already been shown
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in regard to the true nature of diphtheritic and diphtheroid dis-
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tion (0.85 per cent). The tubes were then incubated at 37° C.
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on its predecessor, both in material and arrangement.
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vails, the disease having apparently no power to travel into any
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or upper half of the foetal head is occupying. The antero-posterior
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localitj must be noted; the first may occur without the second,
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indicates how easily, so far as the patient is concerned, pressure in
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It was then moved by Dr Parkes, and seconded by Mr Hargrave — " That
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numerous enlarged capillaries, and one or two enlarged veins.