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at the head of the inslilution its success is assured.

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to the house staff of the Bellevue Hospital, New York, where during

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of American Anatomists, and also of the University, Century and

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loss of large amounts of blood, and probably, therefore, is occasioned less by

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firmations. A specimen volume has been published, displaying

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in this country in 184S, and, as a physician of the homoe-

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to thirty-six hours after traumatism, as a diflluent prolapse

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continuous and interesting, but oftentimes fraught with

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1886-87 he did post-graduate work at the Post-Graduate Hospital,

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I considered this an excellent case for operation. After the

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through two men. The damage extends from the first to

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under Dr. Noah Worcester, of Hanover, N. H. He entered the med-

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1900; "Fractures and Dislocations" (eighth edition, 1917).

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The classical incision for ligature brings the surgeon on

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cal School and Hospital as Professor of Neuropathology.

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the Chicago Medical College. The first three lectures contain

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New York Surgical Society and Philadelphia Academy of Surgery ;

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European professors came for instruction, and an operator be-

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Hamilton Club. He is a member of St. Bartholomew's Episcopal

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question must be further studied at autopsies. To sum up,

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and surgeon at the New York Hospital, and later at Bellevue Hos-

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large (8, 10, 12, 15, 20 centimetres). They give rise to

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without apparent results. Up to the present time, he has had no

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upon the importance of his discovery by Apostoli, never-

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but let the alcohol be amylic, and there is superadded the condi-

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nary duties of life. Notwithstanding these nervous symptoms,

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temperature normal ; same hot perspiration upon the surface.

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blessing to the suffering. He resigned in 1910, and has since devoted