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courage the development of similar steering committees

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resulted rust-susceptibles and rust-resistants approximately in

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resigned both positions and will hereafter devote himself to private

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Island College Hospital. He was an associate emeritus

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ture. There is no incentive and no equipment for investigational work.

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and Chemistry of the American Medical Association for inclusion with

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filled and removed in the same manner as the ice is taken out

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of all kinds, white blood cells, and protein. Gross

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Duodenal Ulcer. By B. G. A. Moynihan, M.S., (London), F. R. C. S.,

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In his paper he had considered only those cases in which forceps are

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(From the Laboratory of Hygiene, Western Reserve University.*)

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cated. With hyperpyrexia the iced bath and icebags on the head are im-

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may vary from a normal appearance to one showing very

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ilized water, and the needle is inserted deeply through skin previously

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A. A. Moll, A. B. Government Printing Office, Washington, 1912.

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Celina. — Harold Mouser, from Oakwood to Marion. — J. B. Lucas has

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goals such as for education, home ownership, travel, and re-

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ing pregnancy and lactation has not been established;

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argument against interpreting the check as due to injury of

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It is generally caused by rupture of the delicate capillary loops

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from Wayne University College of Medicine. He was a

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Incidentally, there were seventy-eight plastic operations

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writings which are the result of serious consideration and study upon the

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domestic .nin.als, orpo™i^'^„"° «« « ft. but whe^n.

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been repeatedly sent to the Governor by physicians of interna-

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Hospital Service, has been granted leave of absence by the government to

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note further that the distance to which materials in suspension

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that we must look not only for progress in the diagnosis and

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HUDSON, N.Y., Columbia County needs an Internist, Family Physi-