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The polyuria generally diminishes gradually after its sharp onset. The
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J. Greig Smith and Charles E. S. Flemmino report in the Briti«h
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the uterus incised, and the child and placenta rapidly delivered. The
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The patient should be kept warm, confined to his room or even in bed. In
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The patient's temperature fell next day to 99.4° F., and was normal
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is interesting to note that the bacillus coli communis was found very infre-
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by Dr. G. A. Gibson^, in which attention is called to a
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M. Bardet objects to the theory that this drug acts especially upon tJie
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superficial terminal bile-ducts were transformed into small cysts the size
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the wound, the surgeon should be content with evacuation, irrigation, drain-
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that term designates pathological conditions occurring during pregnancy,