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tility of the lung is not overcome by the fluid that collects in the pleural

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she developed a gonorrhoeal salpingitis, for which a salpingectomy

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constipation. The pains are paroxysmal, may be referred at times to

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after eating, when it is sometimes faintly alkaline or neutral. The

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becomes fixed and staring; next there are tivitchings of the muscles of the

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homceopathists, as it is policy for any physician to try to get

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Heart Disease, Blood Pressure and the Nauheim Treatment. L. F. Bishop.

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Avith increased intra-aheolar air-pressure. The increased tension in the

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ease of other serous membranes and of the lung and bilateral inflam-

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After removing the diseased structures, the question of drain-

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more than doubtful. There is also a short, low-toned, and double sys-

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months to many years) before the tertiary stage sets in. During the

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certain toxemic conditions can also give rise to it.

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the alkalies are highly recommended : sodium sulphate (in dram — 4.0 —

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as the undergraduate student can reasonably be expected to learn in the

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comparatively rare. Mitral stenosis may folloAv aortic valvular disease,

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Physical Signs. — Inspection. — The chest-wall of the aifected side is re-

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1,100 patients, has been under homoeopathic management and

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however, by periods of decided relief from the painful spasms, so that

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sense of discomfort that is apparently due to the stretching produced by

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larynx and pharynx, delirium, a short stage of paralysis, coma, and, in

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of the pipe-clay variety. Hemorrhage from the cord may occur and de-

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sero-fibrinous effusions complicating rheumatism are absorbed with rapidity

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are lacking any good thing, except, perhaps, money and a few

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been, in the light of modern research, entirely vindicated and it

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stitute a special feature of the disease originally described by Morvan

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gaseous fermentation with hyperacidity is combined with permanent ten-

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patient should be urged to make voluntary efforts at micturition, and

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less immobile and locks the jaws {trismus or lockjmv). The rigidity of

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may be useful, although hot fomentations may be more so. Diminution