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are notoriously the cause of many outbreaks of the disease,
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dauHhter of Jesse Mason, of Victoria, B. C. She died
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bearable. We have noticed this again and again. Ferra-
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" On the motor sphere, the activity of the drug varies from
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in persons over forty, while the latter occurs at any age, there
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that direction, and offer the unprecedented spectacle of fashion
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many physicians throughout the country with conspicuous success."
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Phlegmonous reactions of the sheaths seem to us much
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Sir Robert Parke, the first of the family in America, was born in
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falo, New York, February 11, 1910. He was a son of Bernard P.
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16. "Bone Transplantation as a Treatment of Pott's Disease, Club Feet, and
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shock, leading up to complete unconsciousness, that may result
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but suitable nutriment would be required to restore the worst
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Violent and persistent pains, vertigo, either spontaneous or
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tion ; less than twenty-four pages, out of the hundred and thirty-
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reduced to pulp and the myelin is forced back (bullets,
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for the past ten years ; Attending Surgeon in the Alexian
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servations and work. As a student he distinguished himself, gaining
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and be taught to observe them during their pilgrimages to the
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a Ring Eruption (granuloma annulare)," Journal of Cutaneous and
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Medical Association, the New York Academy of Medicine, New York
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to comparative osteology; and its literary style is so finished and
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^Esculus Hippocastanum. — Pain in the stomach, relieved by
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watched with the keenest interest. We had evidently necrosis
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in-chief of the Brooklyn Orthopaedic Infirmary; consulting surgeon
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ciation, in 1911-12, and his election to fellowship of the American Col-
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diseases of the eye and to tumors and fungus growths, and was also
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Free splinters are short, adherent splinters are 4, 6, 8, 10,
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cases of small-pox, was seen to enter the house, though it was
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ber, 1915. On the paternal side his family was of French Huguenot
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meyer, daughter of Rev. A. V. Wittmeyer, Rector of the French
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many features of modern life supposed to be very recent and novel,
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In analyzing the phrase, "mind and body," we shall have to
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December, 1913. By this original method of inverting the hernial sac
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pregnancy really produces a particular predisposition to pernicious anaemia,
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of the foot. They lay bare the vessels ; they enable us to