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common, especially on the pig and sheep ; and it has been observed

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A short time before the report was made, the gums became

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dence of ulceration or no obstructive process in the

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them graphically expressed it) "torn to pieces' just at the last moment. It is

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particularly in limestone formations. Pathogenic microorganisms in a

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posterior longitudinal fasciculus, have become comparatively


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Schiff arranges in three series the interpretations aff'orded by those appearances.

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their cases suggested to Dr. Freund the manner of operating in this in-

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much alarm, and it was feared the contagion would thus be con-

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of Whitman's Foot Plate, and its Use in Paralytic Valgus."

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with the Act? We expect to see the matter commented

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Berl.,' 1892, xviii, 493.— Roth (F.) Ergebuisse aus 18 Ty-

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w T hich, as soon as it strikes the ice, is lowered

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(h) " Mnnatesfhrift f iir Gi-burtsku.nde," Band, xxix., S. 02. 1S67.

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convexity of the brain consists of a collection of polymorphonuclear leucocytes

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could be arrested before the watery fluid in the vesicles changes

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regard to the treatment, which was followed by a discussion opened by Dr.

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abnormal mixture of the blood. The pro and contra as to the

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former President of the Association, and suggested the pro-

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Bi'Uii!.n'ick ; J. 1). Cocliriiiie, S.tco ; K. 1. Brown,

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table facts, we are constrained to wonder, not that

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some favorite remedy, and personally he had obtained

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Fig. 63 shows the gradual ejection of the tissues of the cartilage at the ulcerated

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forms, no matter how large they grow, we see no sign of division of

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Man, aged 58. Growth starts from right side. Duration about

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the midnight oil must therefore find its explanation in some stimulation

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secondary to bland pulmonary infarction. Dis Chest 1948;

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Baumgarten in 1881, discovered rod-shaped bacteria in nodules.