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number of very minute moving corpuscles, which are rather more numerous

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If the delirium develops into a severe form and the motor symptoms are

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of blood or less, according to the amount of uric acid present.

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add solution. In testing the filtrate only a drop or two

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tavo volume, of over 600 pages. (Lately Fublished.) $3 75.

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head and neck, 20, per cent, in the thorax and lungs, 20

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Pertinent facts concerning a patient's therapy were noted in the patient's

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1888, 6.459 inches fell on 26 days. On the other hand, the rain-

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from whom I had to remove some four feet of small intes-

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Bergen Ogden, M.D. Philadelphia : W. B. Saunders & Co.

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stomach will permit. But don't disgust your patient with a barrel of

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respirations from 40 to 60. The urine was passed freely.

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principle as found in extracts of the gland and in v. Fiirth's iron compound

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A " virus" is the result of a peculiar chemico-vital change

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tion on the side of the right heart lead to ischaemia in the pulmonary

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Notwithstanding these fairly definite etiological factors, the

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course of lectures in the London School of Homeopathy,

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the hernia, and dilatation, ulceration, or even perforation of

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applied to the neck, with a blister, perhaps, applied over the sternum ;

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a change for the better may be looked for ; but if the disease makes

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(Nursing Branch of the Mlldmay Deaconesses' Institution.)