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her home rejoicing in a good degree of health to the joy of

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September 1906 each time fed with about 5 cgr. of a virulent

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said Board to the State Treasurer for the use of the Common

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sions like this cement friendships sharpen the wits expand

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Dr. Patterson today is chief of the surgical service at Roosevelt Hospital in

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be made to all charges forwarded to this office or the Board can

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solely to the fact that New York practitioners are greatly over

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of discharged patients. This service will be utilized in the graduate training

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itis. This paper was well prepared nd the discussion that

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co operation that meant so much for the institution. The

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Dr. Riggs said with regard to what Dr. Prince said con

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able to come before this meeting with a paper of such a character.

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and Pasteur had been on terms of the greatest intimacy.

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Arthur as representative for the Malahide and Tecumseh Division we

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Session of the University of North Carolina Medical

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completed shows the nature of the deformity. The usual mild

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various forms of eruptions which however are not charac

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from the affected humors. Virchow made it clear how

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ery. The test fluid liecomes clear in the lower dilutions and

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brought back to many of us our college days which have long

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appeared in the same condition after the lapse of about eighty

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Resolved By the Bloant Coanty Medical Society that it is the sense of

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secrete a virus capable of producing the same diseases. I

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self when he saw how much he had accomplished by his

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cavity to later attach itself to the place in which it was found.

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Having shown then that these heated sera could be used

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Attached to the spinal column a few inches in front of the

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and not simply quantitatively different from that of the

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the use of artificial compounds based upon their analysis

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Dr. Longley Nine tenths of all the racehorses are doped.

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egg medium at a later stage of growth. More suggestive

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Moved by Dr. Day seconded by Dr. Bergin that the consideration of