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Blood Coagulation Time— We use Howell's technique which calls
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the same, and it was uniformly confirmed by the careful observations
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severity of many of the cases. I agree mth the antliar
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Bitter Root Mountains, and from there to the western bank of the
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That the poison which gives rise to the common infectious and
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of the other arteries are likewise small and thin-walled,
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detail of antiseptic dressings to these base fractures
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and safe-keeping of the register. He will sign or initial all register
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quick, curious, restless spirit of science enlivens it ; and then it
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from Camp Green, N. C. ; from Camp Grant, 111., and from the U. S.
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found favour in practice, and of opposing that tendency to the
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special interest to nurses will be prepared and discu^-
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and shreds of exuvia?. If the disease advances, besides the consti-
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Eye movements may be badly performed. When an object is moved
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" The lower angle of the wound remained open for a breadth
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arc no lesions peculiar to the disease and constantly presenL Morbid
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downw^ards towards the placenta for 1\ in. before joining the main vein.
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Brodie was sent for to see her. Now, Sir Benjamin, to use a
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Health Bill through the House, will be held at the Medical
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considered of germicidal origin. In closing the abdominal
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much and for a considerable time, and that a dose of quinine affords a sort
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Virchow seems to have been earliest to notice these tumours. Besnier,
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Trudeau, von Ruck, and Whittaker, with whom the writer
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this transient service. We have, on respectable French authority, that
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Icterodes, states, that several instances occurred of the dis-
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attacks together, the death-rate reached 47 per cent, and that in 35 of the 42