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that, in consequence of compression of the abdominal aorta by liquid in
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Asst.-Surgeon Taliaferro Clark, granted leave of absence for thirty
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the disease be an eruptive fever like unto smaU-pox
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be established in each of seven regions, the RACs are
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lary Reaction — with Microscope for its Measurement, Dr. L. Howe;
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should be exercised in malarial regions where there are many labor-
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cholera and that of swine plague, are only known to us
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the system, and expediting the handling of claims. The
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patient, and that she can walk with ease by the assistance of a crutch or
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sibility was completely destroyed, without any impairment of movement. In-
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Dr. J. Henry C.arstens agreed with the last speaker
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inflammation of the lungs require wine instead of bloodletting (and get it in
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ing the general system, is one of the many functions of this organ.
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membraneous covering, the inner one in particular, become
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generally advanced to explain the occurrence of the rash is
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nearly fifty years since the Asylums Board was instituted, there had not been
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in this disease, in the proper management of which so
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meiit (»t' the lieart constitutes an im])oi"tant dia^'uostic criterion.
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