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it is expensive. He does not deem it as reliable as
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number of deaths already is about four hundred, and this
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represents the cost of the vdne — including the rent of the
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J. C. was 64 years of age, a robust man in a humble con-
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Grally Hewitt and Dr. Tilt, who support this view. He
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was almost universal in its exhaustive powers. There were now
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prescribed for and treated by its own special indications, and
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just estimate, as Mr. Hall remarks, in giving me his figures,
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extensive adhesions broken up leaving oozing surfaces
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administered again ; in the evening the mouth became
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one — viz., albuminuria. The loss of albumen may give rise to
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can, however, go so far as to say that a high earth temperature may
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Other symptoms occasionally seen are vomiting and purging which may
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patient's occupation except in those cases in which it becomes
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Practical Surgery : A Work for the General Practitioner. By Nicholas
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The history dates back almost a century. In 1812, Parkin-
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suivie de mort par embolic gi aisseuse. Rev. ni6d. de la
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experimentation had polluted the air. This objection,
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ovary and tube, and it was thought that they were blended with the
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" Before entering upon the report of the proceedings in connec-
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jF Premium for " General Excellence in Manufacture.
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5. Dr. B^ard s[)oke of Jolinson's electric self-moni-
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other directions. I have not seen a case in which I was
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was present in 10 per cent. The following table gives the comparative
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many instances recur after irregular intervals, during which the tempera-
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These conditions primarily concern the general practitioner, for