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lives, whether it is on the seacoast, or on the highest mountain, or on

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same kind extending down to the outer angle of the mouth on

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International Medical Congress, p. 305, Philadelphia, 1877.

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II. The "tiring-line " treatment of these injuries.

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the term pernicious in this application of it. If a fatal termination be essen-

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anions contained in each aggregate is of a stoichiometrical order, being

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Sir, — The Manchester Medico-Etiiical Association

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Dr. Poore did not think that they were very common.

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the ligature. He closes the abdomen on still intact

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in the fluids which are also the carriers of nutritious matter ; and hence

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brown gravy ; and when it is nearly done, have ready a pint of

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smooth internal sur£fice ; their parietes are comparatively thick, dense,

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especially those who may be suffering from a slight cold,

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Both Groedel and Claytor find somewhat smaller values on diagram^

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ly, by disease or bodily infirmity. And the court holds that,

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child placed the patient in an extreme condition. The fetus had suffered during

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stroke appeared early, within three months, and persisted

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Descrijjtion. — Fruit ovoid or oblong, from 10 to 15 Mm.

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and 9 p.m. were 45.1°. In the forty-six years ending with 1910,

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Admitting Dr. Daly's water theory, how did the cases

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accident was followed by a violent chill, succeeded by

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its possibilities, but the very first actually to anaesthe-

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in spring time, is to the earth and air and streams, which it warms and

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of coagulating the casein of cow's milk, but not of the

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When these nodules and infiltrations break down, the

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tion of acetate of lead to them, and a stimulating lotion to the

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trict hospitals, established during the prevalence of the epidemic