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slight rotatory component was noted in his nystagmus for the first time.
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James, F. P., Laurinburg; Univ. of Pa., 1916; TJ.N.C 1916 1917
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ton's " System of Legal Medicine " is a work that will meet a widely felt
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(R. R.) A case of malarial manifestations due to trauma-
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been confined to bed for a considerable time from other causes, were infected
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pathy for those unfortunate creatures which obstruct your
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might seem to refer to football players in term time, when,
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ence rests is of a character only appreciable by those
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disinfection should be performed by the sanitary officials. In open
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nary and brain H,-receptors indicate that there was preferential binding to
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hysterical paralysis to do so. The milder asthenic cases require
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in which jaundice is by no means constant; (2) intermittent hepatic
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fact that, according to von Frey's researches, the cornea possesses no
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by a second group traced to one family, which, how-
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Under less favorable conditions, however, consumptives
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Entered as second class matter June 21, 1938, at the Post Office at Baltimore, Md., under the act of August
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made iieavier, so that when closed it would compress the vaginal walls more
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5. Children should sleep in separate beds, on a straw or hair mattress,
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sphere which, in Figure One, is illustrated by diet. Since
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Suckling of the Infant. The choice of the Nurse. Diet during Nur-
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then the uterine placental site slightly expands, is not followed
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determine its exact seat, or enough both to declare it to be
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the work of the two. These are points that some one-eyed
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and that albuminuria may follow convulsive attacks. Difficulties of another
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