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posed legislation and other public policy initiatives.
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(See Balfour on bandages in rheumatism. Med. Repertory,
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I reflexively glanced in the rearview mirror. This was
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Diagnosis The diagnosis relates to two factors, as regards the symp-
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sperms. Indeed, until more is known about the life-history of these
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microscopical examinations of the gastric secretions
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Disagreeable for the Doctor. — A physician of Chicago
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the Conservative Treatment of Tubercular Joints." This was dis-
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in securing a list of all lepers in Minnesota. Several
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man of this section and Dr. "W. M. B. Brown of Greenville as secretary.
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and 4 non-purulent. Of the purulent cases 17 were double and 6
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fever, and with enlargement of adjacent lymph glands, whether