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however, syphilis is usually a curable, and in some

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largely on the extent of the septic peritonitis present

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In consideration of these similarities to other fungi, bacteriologists

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increased, and in a week or two, he was unable to lie on either

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tions and Injuries," by A. Verneuil, M. D., Paris; "General

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Unless relief is obtained these symptoms are intensified, the pallor

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improved. Running or other vigorous exercise stimulates

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Dr. G. Sterling Ryerson has left for Paris, where he will

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underneath the membrana nictitans of the opposite eye. It is

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Stutlg., 18K5, xxiii, 42-45, 1 pi. . Ein Fall von Sicht-

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U. — Practical Rules as a Guide to the regularly continuous

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vix uteri during pregnancy. The passage alluded to is

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contemporaries are worried unnecessarily, we think, over

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patient is almost certain to experience great relief, though tem-

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difficulty of breathing, which had been noticed only for a