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benefited by the errors and failures of our predecessors, and
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and descriptive articles have been numerous. More recently
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of the heart and aorta. It would be premature to inquire into the
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one occupying nearly the whole thickness of the free margin of
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are arched (to remedy the blepharoptosis caused by the contraction of the
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the arteries facilitate the onward flow of the blood
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the licensing of practitioners, but to provide for the good
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torn ends of the fifth and sixth cervical roots at a point from a quarter to
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ence is very perceptible in the brain. When this organ is ex-
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one after another of them is attacked in this disease.
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method of composition and handling of sources, the ambiguities of
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Eight intraspinal treatments changed the Wassermann reaction in the spinal
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There is no branch of human knowledge more closely interwoven
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on, during the whole course of my Medical studies ; and this is
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liquor hydrargyri nitrid and cuprum aluminatum (lapis divinus).
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a moment to the consideration of the pathology and the clinical
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tumor-like masses felt through the abdominal wall. In exceptional
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the physical differences between the dark and other
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IcJtihyosis. Characterized by development of thick, hard, gray scales;
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- Miinchener medicinische Wochenschrlft, February 10, 1903.
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alone, as compared with ovarian tumours ; (2) the greater frequency of their
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disease to the emotional depletion of watching young people die. ”
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parts. S. Dose, one, two, or three teaspoonfuls before
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The polygram shows a normal sequence and time relationship of
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the belief that the whole business of parturition should be taken out of
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version and perhaps embryotomy was done. After three weeks
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^enna. Hospital Reports for 1868, pp. 269, 280 ; also Phila. Med.
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the thorax in the region in which the pain was felt, which
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last, — that is, about five months ago, — and came on gradually. She
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1 he right is reserved to reject material submitted foi editorial or advertising columns. The
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the face. In the most common variety of torticollis — that in which the
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been frequently performed for stone or foreign bodies in the bladder
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attempt to neutralize the ill results that often flow from his in-