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tion was undertaken, and considering the feeble health of the patient,

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tnent. According to Ebstein's opinion, the obese must get rid of super-

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have no remedy for arresting the haemorrhage, or for hastening the

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It might be objected that it was impossible to deter-

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separately mentioned in the table, should therefore be always

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society. She was weak, extremely so, but in good spirits.

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people of the state : "Take your choice. Be vaccinated and protect

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whilst ligature of the jugular vein augments, the flow of tears

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Action External. — Dried alum is a superficial caustic, in

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would largely disappear if everybody had managed-care

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small portions of elder pith thoroughly sterilized by boil-

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osteopathy by obtaining a Medical (Osteopathic) Student Qualifying Certifr

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lieve it will be admitted, that under the present system

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according to Chittenden and Smith. At all events when the

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Cross-examination. — In this, the second stage, the counsel for the prisoner

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ence. One man said it was the same thing only in more acceptable form.

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It is common in ducks, geese, and other birds, including the

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involuntarily, when they are passed into the bed without notice

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urine, that he forget it, and, so long as he continued to

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contain other substances besides salts of taurocholic acid that fail to come down in

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the system, and expediting the handling of claims. The

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the proposition is as irrational as the practice is disastrous.

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calculated to act briskly on the bowels. We gave a combination of

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as, ayatemic circulation, i£ed in contradistinction

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Neal, James, M.D., has been appointed Honorary Surgeon to the Bir-

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to medical school is slim for any applicant who does not consider himself a

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then a student at St. Bartholomew's Hospital, made out, and de-

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peace are also utilized so far as practicable in teaching recruits the

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sary to atford mechanical assistance, we may do so by application of

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lesion is a hole such as any one would make if trying to