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forehead, the retraction of the cheeks, dragged and elongated

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ment of disease, by the presentation to the eye of its history in these respects.

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introduced and practised by British surgeons. He traces it in part

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ruary 4 and 6, 1884, at which the New York State Medical As-

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fever. The germs may be ingested with well water, milk, oysters, or

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on the pylorus was done but once; the patient recovered. One

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fourthly, that the mass felt to the left and above the uterus was

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the poisoning. Here it is necessary to defend the system against

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cells. The depth to which the changes extend are in propor-

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tory nerves, and the sympathetic disturbance thereby excited; for many

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instances now cited the disease was not, governed by

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required for a Qualification in State Medicine, and shall he empowered by Act of

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In the examination of the marrow, the writer has found, like others,

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luctance is felt— has no real foundation in fact.

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of a large amount of gas in the intestines, and mucous

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only wash, cleanse, or purify a portion of the nasal cavity.

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session in the Twin Cities at the time of the North

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arched or small feet and delicate skin, and who sweat copi-

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medical and one pharmaceutical journal for publication.

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the reaction have passed over in two or three days. Of these 18 cases,

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spoken of as an analgesic and antipyretic in the treatment of neuralgia, rheuma-

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suggests that medicinal roots, rhizomes, fruits, and seeds, being rich in nutri-

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to sit, to use his hands, to stand, and to walk, and especially if he does not

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ever, were obtained in dealing with 1887 to 1909. A reason came out for

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beginning at the retracted ends of the sphincter ani mus-

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malady, under the name of hydropathy. This, however, also includes

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in abdominal surgery his finger will readily ascertain

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formed, bright, with a high-pitched voice, but with infantile sexual