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disease (scarlet fever) in eleven years, or 338 per
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of animals highest in the scale ; but in the salmon the proportions do not quite
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of the brain in the past twenty years. M. Soury is not
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To ascertain exactly what the lytic agent is in the alcohol
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Vemneil, new views of pathology of fistnlsB, Woorara in tetanus, 238, 253
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findings about the same, a slightly decreased breadth of cardiac
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treatment pursued at the Hot Springs. Many cures are
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whose electrocardiograms were taken at the Massachusetts General
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symptoms gathered, the returns of examinations often
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der, feeling like peas, though less manifest than in
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denum, jejunum, and ileum in this way. After fully dis-
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author gives an account of a case of trional poisoning.
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be driven to suicide by his sensations of overwhelming horror,
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In short it will be found that those circumstances, whether wealth obeuc*
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an ulcer the size of a twenty-five cent piece, lying partly
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anatomy; for which reason not a few authorities are
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an exploratory operation. Cholccystotomy and drainage
<< found in the water," (the number of which in all large
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incision through the skin, and carried down to the sac,
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connected with this. Adjoining No. 8 female medical ward No. 10,
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without producing any very marked anatomical changes in the kidney,
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surrounding country. Thus one-eighth of the average rainfall
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small colonies and one large mould colony. " , No. 2. Pulp
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stantly. My own experience, however, like that of a number of
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diately above the cardia. When spread out, this ulcer was seen to be of an almost
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have confirmed in some recent experiments on the prefrontal lobe. The
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-to it, and may be regarded as one of its chief founders. He
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The sensation of hunger is supposed to be associated with the vagus omt,
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German emperor had refused to allow his children to be
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the conversation of his colleagues, which in their leisure
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last pregnancy, on the 9th of November, 1848 > I found her suffering very
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more than they do in this highest utilization of the ordinary
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glass stomach and gallstones there were no typical signs whatever,