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80 i)p., 1 1., 4 |il. 8°. Feltre, P. Castaldi, 1889.
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is often the only curative measure, but I do decry meddlesome, un-
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Instructed the attendants to measure quantity of urine
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accumulation of mucus, or the formation of a false membrane ;
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determination of blood to the head arises, and which requires a repeti-
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Health to expel it from every new lodgment it makes, to
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is the last of thi« series, and contains the matter from R. to Z.
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recovery will follow with the improvement in the ne-
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In multiple neuritis the same methods apply as to local measures. Sali-
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intramuscular injections in the gluteal regions. Patient
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on its further growth, had enlarged downward and thus pro-
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pulse pressure, and an examination of the urine disclosed disease
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is evidently a man of good scientific acquirements, and gives
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relief. When the diagnosis is not completely established by exclusion or
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tioned by Emerson, the usual values were between 10,000 and 15,000.
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&r firom uniform. In a large number of cases the patient is attacked
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cal schools. At present they about equal the number of States;
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view of the limited and inadequate information at hand, no precise tabulation
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a cathartic, and claims "the reported success of the calo-
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in so-called malignant cases with wonderful results; it has been used in
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" that the work, which possessef- for him a filial as well
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peutical measures are at present generally accepted, and it is most rational
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posterior columns is involved. In very rare cases the symptoms are cliietly
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tion, or that of the wound comes from germs carried in by the bullet
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many months, with intervals of improvement followed by
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Treatment. — Little or none. Strychnia may be used,
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be hereditary (Renault). Slight senile albuminuria, \ithout evidence of renal
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sis, choroiditis, serous iritis, and in relapsing iritis, cyclitis,
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most careful and unremitting inspection, any biliary concretions in
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Dr. Bransford's Heroism Recognized. — Passed Assistant Surgeon
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Sir C. a. Cambron, President of Section of State Medicine.
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experiences a chilly feeling along the spine, which quickly spreads all over