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memories of perilous journeys and of timely succour in the minds of
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Mr. G. Duft", and Mr. Goldsinid ; and was supported by Mr.
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sharp-pointed or irritating body be contained in the solid contents of the
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seen to mould, elongate, and change in shape extensively in order
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Three passing policemen heard the shots and ran into
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cardiac contractions ; therefore, owing to the presence of
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'llMher, H.: Deutsche med. Woch.. 1898, Vol. 24, p. 1
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lular tissue between the layers of the broad ligaments —
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cells clumps of pigment and the residue left after segmentation of
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by one of the leading wholesale drug manufacturers of
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pouce surnum6raire. M6d. mod., Par., 1897, viii, 212. —
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epidemics, one in 1851-52, when 1482 patients were admitted,
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prescription. It is a nauseant, acts on the secretions,
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retroverted gravid uterus. This diagnosis was confirmed by
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■red blood. The contents may or may not be acid, according to the time
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He still had large, granulating tuberculous sinuses.
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contrast to this is the estimate of Murchison that the
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lung dampens the thoracic tone, and the thoracic cavity,
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all those means which are opposed to development of tissue, such as
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E. General conaiderationr; concerninci the cacilii isolate
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and "hysterical mania." Entirely too little space is
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it would otherwise be spoiled or even poisonous. In the best German dairies it is
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suffering from sympathetic irritation or threatened sympathetic
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tion to Exeter, 232 ; memorial of Physiological Sub.
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first surgeon, as he is the sailor, who avoids both Scylla
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ence in teaching massage will agree. A light-witted youth
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The increases in weight in the latter set represent, of course, the car-
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for the silk and hemp formerly employed as sutures, silver, iron, lead, or other
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iting following the operation ; first twenty-four hours nothing in the way of dHnk
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treatment, on the principle that there is in most cases of hooping cough,
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Dr. Chas. T. Poore, of New Yol-k, to whose kind advice much of the
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sive view of the whole subject, and particularly as it relates specially
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part of the course, on Systematic It.dauy, will be delivered at tie Royal
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