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The Clinical Pathology of Pyloric Occlusion in Relation to Tetany.
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what shameful condition is being recognized, and that
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The annual meeting of the Southern Section of the American
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Hi; JUL.' J.;. ;,- ,I„. „vr Al-dwiV^c O.Mi-UlrJ aiul lllc. iM.trri.ll ,ou..,
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health are concerned, can be very materially benefited or improved by
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that number have finished in the five years' course. The list of
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and is formed of a multitude of very minute convergent canals,
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normal or decreased. Pinter got a reaction of degeneration.
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dency. Disease or injury of body always more or less requires local and
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The Chaieilix said that the mere i)ossession of compulsory
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motorus. Occurring in the Course of Progressive Par-
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houses supplied with the suspected milk in 27 of the epidemics; a
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and its surface, from the umbilicus downwards, was extremely (Edematous, so that
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number of chromosomes is held constant in the species.
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epilepsy, instead of being a disease primarily resi-
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investigated by K v. Ketly and A. v. Torday/ who conclude that, as
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which he reported several cases, the last being one of " Adeno-
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endeavors to confirm, by an assemblage of facts, drawn from their prac-
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be set at a right-angle to the leg so that the lower sur-
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(10.) Ringworm, although not unfrequently causing minute vesi-
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The attending physician may explain to the patient that hos-
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by the free use of emollient diluents especially by barley-
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derangement of sensibility and other trophic changes,
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The extra-medullary lesions are usually chronic with a gradual onset,
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volutions tliL'se giant-cells are found in little clusters
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intoxication proceeding from the alimentary canal. The
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which show the following stages of development : The workers often
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Edinburgh Obstetrical Society, — July 10, 1901. — Dr. Milne
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Dr. Gleitsmann remarked that lie could feel when lie was
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government may safely be extended. No system of medi-
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tion the patients of the Sussex County Hospital, the
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and from the derangement in the processes of nutrition, and of those physical and
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ested me. I have seen a great many cases, but like most every-
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nitrate of silver. After drying, an elastic pencil the size of the