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and fibrous tissues in other parts ; the term has also been applied to neu-

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part of the grey matter near the spot to which the excited

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in this disease, in the proper management of which so

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and fibrous tissues in other parts ; the term has also been applied to neu-

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Dr. Giacinto Namias observes, in reference to the improvement of the para-

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less said about it, or less done to correct the situation than has this,

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ought to be fully known and appreciated, especially by

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cerebellum with the posterior column of the spinal cord, he proceeded, however, not on

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no excitement iron should be given, but when a patient is

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Tuberculosis of the spine, or Pott's disease. Mr. Pott

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train of symptoms had appeared, and had tei'minated

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subsequently proved to be a fibroma papillare. I have

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some have raised bees, birds, or silk-worms ; again others have

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than it would consume, the other having ground hay. In the second

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instances they traverse successively almost every portion of the habitable

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wholly. We frequently saw persons who were apparently

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as a result of this fluid loss the watery parts of the food

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the microscopic appearances dijBfered noticeably from those

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On examination, not the slightest trace of a uterus could be found. The

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this general result, to which there are some exceptions, it does not seem

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tive Committee be empowered to act with the Property Committee, and in that way, by

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ol)tained in the case last cited very clearly demon-

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is shown by the statistics collected by Dr. W. B. Coley,

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and which is too often drawn from a creature herself

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certain individuals definite pathophoric bacilli lead a latent existence.

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been ill, in all, four or five days. It is very rare even in the

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between the teaching force and the taught force, and upon

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Red wines are said to be rough, contain tannic acid and

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ing pus was aspira'ed from the frontal. The swelling in the

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relief of distressing symptoms are unsatisfactory so

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stantly applied night and day for more than two months, the patient

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in 20 parts of oil of sweet almonds often brings almost

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Springfield, 111., E. B. Harvey of Boston, J. N. Mc-

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success. He was handsome, ambitious, and hard work-