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by inhalations of chloroform and a quarter-grain dose of

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Greeks. It will thus be seen that the sense in which the term is used by

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pharynx. This eruption shows itself at first as small, pinkish-red,

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"Within the capsule is formed an enormous number of filiform bodies

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of flannel or a piece of blanket and the rheumatism ** ironed out."

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process of the cells, as indicative of their more recent formation. — April

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of the way. This wa» simply a "negative morally, mentally and physically. Through

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Society. He asked the question whether it was always

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The curative measures may be divided into those for

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when put in candle-power, the figures are so enormous as

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tion of the founding of Saint Elizabeths, I observed,

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child removed. Artificial respiration (Schultze's and Sylvester's

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seen a number of cystic thyroids but have never seen, nor can I

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port, namely, the condition of the i)alms of the hands. These are notably

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only one-fourth or one-fifth as frequently as men) is explained by an additional

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membrane. It is further characterized by the tickling and burning

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national survey. Journal of Prison and Jail Health. 1991; 2: 105-

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The second edition of A Text-book of Surgery for Dental Students,

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(c) Falling. — Candidate's head is inclined 90 degrees forward. Turn to the

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If the character of the attack indicates disease in a definite area of the brain,

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ously referred to, Are eczema and psoriasis local diseases, or are they man-

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Physicians will do well to take up the above points with their tax accountants and attorneys

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practitioner should devote more time to the local treat-

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Shafran, Stephen, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (Jun) 694

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It is on that account that we write, for the information of

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to compute the " probable error " of sampling to which the

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through all their stages, unless indeed the disease should happen to be cut

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results ; and too much care cannot be exercised in daily