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Seal it up, and it will eventually burst the boiler that holds it.

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loss of vision may last for a few hours or even less, or for a few days.

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over the entire body. In the treatment of meningitis the injections

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of vision and the visual fields are normal in both eyes.

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There are many other points in the treatment of mild cases

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mit a mistake in diagnosis by attaching undue importance to evidences of

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90, still jerking. Complains of pain, but without tenderness in right lumbar region.

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recognized by me while the patient was on the table under an

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physiologic reflex exhausts after repeated testing, even though it is very vigorous;

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serous membrane secondarily, it sometimes happens that no lesion to

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with an outfit equaling the demands of the [?P'^ f*"'^" ^^^^ ^¥ ^^^'^h laws of the

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in pathological as we everywhere find in physiological actions. In the

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Internship, Tulane University Affiliated Hospitals, 1983.

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tremes of thermal influence. The action of heat and of excessive

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blood vessels, except the endothelial lining, are absent and the blood

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throats displaying no signs whatever of diphtheria.

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lips, the same authority has pointed out the presence of a similar con-

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that of the ethyl series. The presence of certain quantities of

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sp. gr. 1010. April 14th, respiration 20; temperature of axilla 98°.5 ; amount of urine 100

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vapour may be regarded as a mixture of carbonic acid, carbonic oxide, aqueous

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inject a second or third time, and on these occasions the

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are normal, the pulse is regular. The weight has in-

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cause. In ten cases the cause was a stab-wound (five with a sword, four

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especially noted by the writer, namely, tremor in all the limbs and vesical dis-

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