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the general opinion is that the symptoms of haemorrhage into the brain are

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Friday, October 25th : Yorkville Medical Association (private);

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fornia Jour. Infect. Dis., 25:501, December, 1919) will probably

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evidence in its favour fairly entitles it to a trial. We see that

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Essentinls of Pathology and Morbid Anatomy. By C. E. Armand

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the fever is said to resemble typhus. The truth is, that these two

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pellation, chemical incompatibility, has been restricted

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2 p.m.; Royal Free, 2 p.m.; Hospital for Women, 9^ a.m. ; Royal London

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found that several of his patients could take as much as three grains of

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obtained in sufficient amount to aerate the blood the face is pallid,

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blood-extravasations which may be present in the liver of acute yellow atro-

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sites are seldom found in the peripheral circulation in the

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younger persons, Kext to tliis comes the atrophy of the brain, whicti

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It will be remembered that the Conference of America

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teachers of clinical medicine, Cruveilhier was Pro-

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Here also comes the question of splinting. In practically all

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" I beg leave, Mr. President, to offer the following resolutions : —

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is, in fact, a salutary effort of nature to effect reparation ; but

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anxiety and physical exertion in connection with his busi-

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Another Typhoid Epidemic. — The papers state that

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In reference to Dr. Druitt's remarks, it might be observed

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report of the following cases is intended to illustrate a few of the

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part of the lobules is made up of epithelial cells, which soon become

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of exercise in the open air — should use occasionally (once or

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of hot air we have a therapeutic agent of some value, as shown

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disease which are being carried on in them. But by the