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Earache on the side of the pneumonia is sometimes of sufficient severity

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Dr. Murphy states that chloroform need never be adminis-

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Art. 4, is taken up by some further observations, which

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in paroxysms, the action at other times being regular ; the paroxysms occur-

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It was only after the third attack, when over 5 oz. of blood were

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area (of the order of 2 sq. cm.) situated about 2 mm. from the skin.

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at this stage, and usually a large amount of pale urine is passed after the

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The spacious halls of that fine mansion in a fashionable street in Boston,

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difficulty in focusing, blurred vision, burning eyes, faintness,

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between the air and the room surfaces. In this way the walls serve

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care has to be taken to keep the hands and instruments

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Basil Coleman Hyatt Harvey, A.B., M.D., Professor of Anatomy.

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Necropsies were performed on all, and careful search made for remains of thymus

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hemoglobin, and thus augmenting the oxygen-bearing po-

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tricity, and in stubborn cases under hypnotism, may be necessary. It should

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Disbrow, Earnest David Griswold & Strong Michigan.

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