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their paralysis and its results. These are mainly emphysema,

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double row of hooks, with which it maintains its hold to the mucous

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chart of the city which will show the wards in which cases of

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ment of surgery. He appears to possess ; tance, I was, after a short time, cordially

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much farther than those of the external table. For example, a soldier

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This view Macallum has been able to prove. He finds that those

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have every reason to look upon it as secondary, it having appeared

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name isopral. It is sparingly soluble in water to the extent of

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with special reference to the use of quinine, by Dr.

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the fore-arm, ended in a large abscess in the deep subcutaneous


testines. In the case of papoid, which can act well

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therefore, placed upon specific and tonic treatment, which promptly

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when hot is 170 ohms the potential difference at the connec-

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GEO. W. I'1.X"MPT0N, A. M., Professor of Chemistry and Toxicology.

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Head and Neck, with Additional Cases and Observations 111

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years, all having been fed on the infected milk. Fever

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unsettled as regards its value. Many practitioners think very

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the ilium ; debility and numbness of limbs increased ; tumours

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many other equally interesting syntheses may be produced.

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six Inspectors General, whose business it was to establish Lyceums in

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are better ventilated. This is the reason why we hear

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laimdries be established in workhouses to provide for part of

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sion obstruction. The current of air in expiration separates and pushes the

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They never suppurate. In the beginning there may be some slight

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there are several varieties of bacilli grouped under this

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been publisiicd upon this subject by Dr. William T.