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from cholera between the end of August and beginning of December.

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little control over either her emotions or her actions, apt to laugh or cry

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tion at meal times. At the end of this pe- duced, before it is discarded as useless. It

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yet menstruated. Therefore it seemed possible that this might be

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Microscopic sections show the spleen pulp much congested and packed

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from the subarachnoid space into the perivascular system, thus ensuring

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with judicious moral and medical management, combining many aids

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in order to assure them that they can make their plans

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prevent the entrance of air at any part of the tube, its

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this constricting fold." G. Pro)jal)ly the dttrnnur nv-

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of a large amount of gas in the intestines, and mucous

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1. Silver produces a decidedly antiplastic effect on the blood, by

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as exhausting as the hemorrhage, would also be checked for a time, and

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tion d'une 6pid6mie ressemblaut cliniquement au b^rib6ri

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the lawyer the mental symptoms are of the essence of a case ; but the

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very little blood or serum escaping on section. Under the microscope

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taste no one objects to it. Einger mentions its employment,

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tion for nearly fifteen years, may be mentioned. The

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friends and co-laborers in North Carolina. I could talk all afternoon

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became disgusted with the mass of contradictory assertions and

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subject . of refraction. From the fact that the volume has

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as the circulatory, organ of the fcetus. It is, however,

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Differential Diagnosis. — Symptoms simulating dysentery may appear

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water injection, slowly introduced, so as , to distend and wash out the

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cians in Ireland could think that the mere sending of Dr.