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speech did not return for a month from the date of the
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and the remainder segregated in small groups. All persons exposed
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" So far as medical experience goes, we are forced to
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1910. Up to to-day (September 15) the results thus far obtained
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wounds penetrating into joints, and even injuring the bone, may be cured
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The soreness of the fauces and tonsils is often associated with
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palsy in seven (all observed by Dr West) ; while in five cases, three of the
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perature rose in the evening to 101° F., which was a slight
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brain. Four centres are especially concemed in the use
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tive of Puget Sound, a 40-year-old staff-model health main-
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for some very striking observations made in the study of the blood
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of your valuable time and I thank you most profoundly for your kind
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the purchaser, combined with whatever more diffuse instruc-
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tants and stimulants after the stage of collapse has set in. Not only are
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disease would be completely prevented. Of course, if the people could be pre-
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character as to place his name, after the lapse of a few
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i contains polymorphous cells, part of which are cylindric and part round or angular,
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recently and found it in a deplorable condition. It is
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ing together caffein and iodol in equivalent weights in alcoholic
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attendance. Several members of county societies in the First Councilor Dis-
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— By the use of cotton filters and respirators Dr. David
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therapy equipment for I92 new employees of the Nursing Department; conducted
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pressing demands for other facilities in strengthening this work.
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amount of blood clot between the dura and skull, mainly
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a work purely physiological. — Indeed, his predilection for
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are of importance to bear in mind, as it is laid down in many
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improved by the addition of amoxycillin. No signifi-
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conjunction with a surgical procedure, interventional
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Regarding instruments, I am sceptical whether 1 to 20
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twin pregnancy, complicated with hydramnion, the cause of death
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the first of June and the first of October as presumably a
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because parturition, though a strictly healthy physiological
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or again as contracted kidney. Or one member of the family exhibits one
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dence that he has learnt anything. Teachers are discouraged
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leucocytes. At this time, a second injection of 0.5 c.c. of a similar suspension
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sels of the reddened spots by painting them with collodion. When