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inches away from the ears. (More minute details will be found in
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the great object must be to restore the action of the liver. As
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speaker and vice speaker of the House of Delegates.
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tration of salicylate of sodium or salicin, gr. xv. three times a day,
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increased heat over the whole body soon ensues, with pain in the
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ligated duct or (6) by collaterals freely joining the right thoracic
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public bounty and the systematic and unwearied exer-
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rend. Soc. de biol.. Par., 1891, 9. s., iii, 788. . Pie-
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what he desired. When the worshippers discovered their dishonour, and the
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In other forms of purulent meningitis a large variety of organisms
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chloride of silver, is insoluble in nitric acid. Also for hydro-
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later. If it is found to be involved in the early period during
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media to adopt for incubation purposes. When one species appears in
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while the other seven-eighths were never mentioned.
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keep the head erect for many hours, and then lie keeping it patent.
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list of these, has singularly enough produced the opposite result from
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I have had such happy results with the simple treatment
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Iron, Iodide. — Same doses as iron sulphate. Avoid
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At the commencement of Typhus Fever. — Dr. Chetne.
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. Note sur les rfisnltats fournis par I'exianeu micro-
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Vaccinal ulcers may resemble the anomalous ulcerating form previously
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In the interpretation of all skiagrams it must be remembered that
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to the right. The engorged veins, and the irregularity in both
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they did nothing for the incontinence of urine, which is the
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to ordinary water. Nausea and vomiting, if they persist after with-