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working in many lives. Doubtless, artificial sleep has

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failed to prove that the plaintiff was labouring under any insane delusions in

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denham, Pitcairn, and a great many eminent names in the

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November 19th, 1855. Has never been very healthy; has had several attacks of

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paraplegia this is very rare ; so rare, indeed, that Charcot and Haj'em* haA'e

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contracts upon itself, and so lessens the calibre of

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the placenta, as the sphincter is now fatigued, and will not oppose the descent.'

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from the size of half a dime to that of a dollar, risen on the skin

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oxygen (O), and more effectually removing the carbonic acid

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according to the proportion in which any one of these forms

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geon to the Eastern Dispensary, &c. &c. London, 1809, 8vo.

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diuretics, sudorifics, and even, if the strength admit of it, by drastic

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parasite de I'homme. [Read l*"^ avril] <Compt. rend. Soc. de biol., Par., v.

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eminence on (he distinction of individual merit. Since then we liMyehad

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was noted anywhere. All the centres above and anterior to


axis of the vessel. The sealed end of the collecting tube is broken

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covered sewed up closely together, and the sewing can be

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lesion except in those parts. Except I saw in some of the cases there

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progressively extending to the umbilical region, and even to the uhole

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Practically all cases of spasmodic asthma, or all cases not due to renal

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the average human urine can deoxidize 1 gm. of potas-

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and to do so in a timely fashion. Justifications for extending

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It is my present purpose to call attention to some per-

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and although he daily vowed vengeance on those who were the authors

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cumstances, only a few experiments in this direction were carried out. None

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Dr. Schulze, of Rostock, spoke on the use of perchloride of

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of the proportions between these elements. In the secondary

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the stethoscope, and all the evidences of dilatation and

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she has retained no nourishment, and for the last four weeks