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a nurse had left the catheter in the urethra, and it broke during a pain.
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and careless writing, but we cannot recommend it to any one
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lasts from a minute to a minute and a half without any loss of
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(Case 2) ; "a rebound in the whole body " (CEttinger's case ^) ; "a
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made a small incision upon the tumour, about two inches above
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always uniform in character, and has never been known to produce any unpleasant symptoms, due to its careful mode of
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adapted for testing the influence of electricity it must
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or cyst, sensation w;is especially mentioned as being intact in 32, and
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ventricle ; myocardium and arterioles healthy. These experiments prove
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the damage to the cord. There is great pain at the position of the
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ments of these are found, it shows that there is ulceration of the lung, and
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In these the pain often runs way up, and the history of
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ganglia were demonstrated by O'nodi ^ to be derived from the spinal
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hood may be useful. They are mostly situated in bad localities — Cattle-
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Peter H. Vesterborg, Forest City, Iowa; and Hamilton H. Wil-
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of desquamated epithelium of the bladder. Sometimes the
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time for the reception of cases of small-pox and of any
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satisfactory, and has seemed to us to hasten the convalescence.
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The distance from the anterior-superior spine to the trochanter
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Effects of Intravenous Injection of Chloral, Chloroform, and Ether upon the
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Degenerative conditdons of the heart, as of other organs, call for all
zantac side effects dry mouth
the Uver, and chronic diffuse nephritis, removed from
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is indicated, and " to the point T' We cannot substitute " something
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died in the year 1G33, and by his death the settle-
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lowed by cough and haemoptysis. After this had a greenish-yellow expec-
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"'•'"■■"■"'•, '^" -"■■''"■-—,„,|,„i;,_„ _,„„„, ibil.n
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pianist to read music at sight, i. e., it is the result of hard, patient
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system and independent of anatomical distribution, in conjunction with
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ation of the bladder is one of the most common complications of sig-
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Prognosis. — Rubella is a benign disease almost invariably terminating
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hypermotility. This latter term is somewhat ambiguous, however,
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Sudden death usually occurs without warning in mild or moderate cases,
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tails the refult of his own fuccefsful pra61:ice in the fimple lan-