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tages located at some suitable place in Cook County.

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small-pox if attended to in time " — that " animal crusts as well as tubes

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membrane, as far as could be determined from anterior rhinos-

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felt convinced that bloodletting was the only and proper remedy for a

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Lying-in Hospital, and Tlioinas Dwight, M. I>., Professor of Anatomy ot

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centuries ago by Riolanus, but it appears to have been first practised by

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that one cell should grow out into a single fibre, but

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osteoclasis by means of an ordinary monkey-wrench gives good re-

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tissues in much the same way as a new-growth. It must be noted, never-

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The remedial agents of the expectant treatment were principally

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Preventive measures are, therefore, in Landouzy's opinion, of

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but which does not exist, at least in so powerful a degree, if

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history of a girl of six years, in whom, during the course of an intense vulvo-

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of animals, is, as a rule, the only practical diagnostic means

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Gastro-intestinal. — Complications occur more frequently in the

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part immediately surround the blood-vessels. In some places the

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9tfa. — Head better; chest less painful; complains of her

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steady improvement in his general condition was noticed.

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Health to expel it from every new lodgment it makes, to

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organs. When the arterial supply of any portion of the body is thus

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In another case the swelling began on the inner aspect of both knees,

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fact that the typical exanthem causes as a rule only superficial lesions

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maintained. Such a specimen being thus named, theoretical explanations

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when following severe muscular exercise, cold baths, and the like.

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searches of Charcot and Legg have demonstrated that long-continued

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as the case progressed. One case continues the brometone, tak-

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The most efficacious solutions for this purpose are those of

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Contrasting the report of this year with that of the past, the present

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