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distilled water and filtered. Chloroform, alcohol, and glycerin

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always seen. This fact has made a most favorable impression on me as

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term hydrocephalus has been loosely applied to all accumulations

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a symptom of tuberculosis that it needs no further mention here. Sec-

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found in the blood and urine. Necropsy revealed a large tumor,

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is much more important that we should, if possible, learn to recog-

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d. ges. Physiol., Bonn, 1894, Ivi, 522-527. — ITIarina (A.)

phenergan dose for child by weight

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severity, after which, for some hours, he was in a comatose condition,

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parts. S. Dose, one, two, or three teaspoonfuls before

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to confine or destroy animals suspected of having the disease, it is rarely

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be withdrawn for the time being, and all fatty, saccharine, and starchy

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of soft foods, milk being the standard aliment. Medicines

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by scalding equal parts of fine slippery elm bark and

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tremely interesting, as they both became subject, after the rash disappeared

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element, dfijininf] power (which can only be secured with a very wide angle, by

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one, there is wasting of the muscles ; in the other, in addition to this,

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five days before the cutaneous outbreak. (3) The number

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buildings and in ward lighting and ventilation, besides giving

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be wondered at that the latter is especially conducive to the develop-

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too heavily on his reserve nerve force, and exhausting it, leaving

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Case 2. — Scolio-rachitic pelvis. A second Cesarean, an elec-

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ander's operation, trachelorrhaphy or curetage, or all combined,

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the right and somewhat above the navel, one can feel a

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of the uail, followed by the raising up of the epidermis ;

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appearances were of a much more distinctive character.

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are of thirty-four Anopheles in one collection, both of these being in