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To move a patient from dne side of the bed to another; standing

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the advanced stages is often such as to render stimu-

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or in less severe cases by means of a cold bath, and stimu-

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more active at a higher than at a lower temperature. The concentration of

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quently by a convulsive cough occurring in ])aroxysms, the peculiarity

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treated more than one thousand cases, varying in age from

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been examined by an ophthalmic surgeon of high repute, who determined

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and thoughts or visions which occur are recollected afterward, whereas in

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and less liable to attack the eyes. John, of Gaddesdeu,

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enclosin<); the niicro(Jrf;anisins, together with more or less infiltration

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Lyon's Hand-Book of Hospital Practice — Notice of . . 456

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fully ob.ser\'ed its effects on twenty-one patients, nineteen

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silk thread is laid under the knot, and after the knot has

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device permits the use either of pressure or suction. Varying manual

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Treatment. — This is mainly surgical. The removal of the parts involved

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prizes for the best ten essays in five different departments of medicine

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The respective pairs (centrals, dividers, corners) assume in turn

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in this city. The clerk submitted his report, from which we learn that

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Mast Cells and Nucleated Red Blood Cells were present in

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parents objected to their children being " bothered," though they

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malaria is a product of paludal decomposition, the trees

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patient recovered, resumed the occupation of a hack-driver, and two years

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tenstern has suggested that the blood is more likely to appear during the

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her entire relief and was so comforting to her that six

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the vamping of the uterine walls upon the uneven siirface of the child's body

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Is there no hardship for them in the present arrangement?

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the child would, under training, outgrow its afflic-j

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to mar the beauty of later life. 5. In intubation the tube

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cerebro-spinal axis. This excitation he supposes, may, in some cases, arise fton

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prevalent, — in fact, at the present time there is an epidemic of enteric

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Varieties. — A mild form, with thrombosis of the veins, but

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tests for diphtheria antitoxin. [Med. Neius, Vol. LXXI, page 556. )

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everything that we had anticipated, but still 50 per cent of