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ful and unbiassed observation) either in arresting, when in progress, or markedly
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In all of the instances just mentioned the disorder was more or
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place of the late Surgeon-General W. C. Maclean, C.B.
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to effect replacement. Active antiphlogistic treatment is very
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15,250,000 per ml. Only 20% to 30% were highly mobile.
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and of twenty-six observations on his respirations, the average rate
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doe performance than the mere desire of gain or competence.
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Case II. is a gentleman, aged forty-one, with all the
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led to doath, remains. Science and art alike are helpless in
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and quiet will go on for a space of time that varies considerably in
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L. 55 /x long by 5 /x broad ; free portion of flagellum 10 /x.
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that he hesitated about reducing it and allowed it to
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the identity or non-identity of the two women should be clearly established.
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cidal. Do not tell people to avoid consumptives. I am surprised that Dr. David-
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not seen, as it was only a small portion of it that was strangu-
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to thoee of oontinental Europe, so I shall therefore give
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more striking symptoms of cerebral tumour. Headache is never very
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a point in the surgical anatomy of the parts invaded
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February 7th, thirty-fourth day. Improving ; has walked a few steps ;
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nation of mankind, all tending to the same ultimate point,
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doubt in part depends on the weakened state of the abdominal muscles,
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tube is soldered a platinum wire ; and pressure on the
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all over the country and Canada, members of their families, and many
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sured at points supeifieially. No rounded nodules of
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its character, the immediate consequence of disease. The extent
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ease being ascertained, and had not been a characteristic of the earlier
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edge of the lower jaw and a part of the ascending ramus not only was no
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boiled, and then filtered through filter paper with the aid of a vacuum