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[)romote the welfare of its own residents and ratepayers, and the
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his health began to fail insidiously. He drooped, coughed, and com-
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normal. In typical examples the capsule is thickened, the organ greatly re-
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heart is sometimes abnormally intense. The patient is conscious of its violent
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"DECAUSE : Its contributors are among the most learned medical men of this country.
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vessels with extended sails ; and fishing barks seen
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Brasdor's operation may be entirely or partially successful ia
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nancy. ( The British Medical Journal!) In a minority
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between the years of puberty and the menopause, confirms
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advises that in such cases, or if any posterior synechi;c exist,
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Mr. Knowsley Thornton related several cases in which, on performing
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creases the pains and the joint changes ; and warmth — especially re-
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strychnine used ; blisters and the actual cautery were abun-
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Socrates, and lived more than a century after the establishment of the celebrated school
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was noted 6 days after the treatment, the lymphocyte and pohinorphonuclear
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sciences (in themselves most honourable) have advanced
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Brown-Sequard has pointed out, and this is almost the sole causative ele-
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for soma years past Dr. Brown-Sequard had not seemed
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anesthesia throughout these macular areas; (d) a predilection for
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the troubles of cutaneous sensibility and the convul-
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tubercle bacilli from every caseof undoubted alimentary tuber-
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descence of fever for one to two days after initial improve-
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south. She is not by any means an established valetudinarian,
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could be only certain points of contact between conditions so
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the neuralgic symptoms, simulating at one time tetanus, in the rigidity of
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Profession that we looked forward to their accession to ofHce
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John G. Treadwell [Donor of $43,703.91] ; and instructed
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in the mid-axillary line, excising a portion of the eighth rib.
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discoloration around five or six of the stitches, about
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foundling hospital inside the Kremlin 25,000 children are some-
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which we can apply. The type of disease makes a great difference as well as
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is quite independent from that upon the iris, as in a patient who is deprived of
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semi-solid state at a temperature of about in° degrees F.
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