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least one Frenchman thinks it is more frequent in New
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the passage of urine and leads to all sorts of painful and
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generation of the cells of the cord is constant. It is, however, a question,
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indication for primary prophylaxis in the treatment IND is a
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ally quinine to improve his aj^pctite. Has to be fed, as he cannot carry
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definite information as to this distribution because the dilatation of
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function we have definite knowledge— must be avoided because
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cases of facial neuralgia, whether dependent on exposure to cold
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degree of stretching, either temporarily or constantly; but under thetse cir-
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tricles. The orbital plate seemed to have been broken,
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on the tergumentarjr system ; (i, e. the skin, &c.) 2d, impres-
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even when t^e animal lay more than once upon the ground, with its feet stretched oot in
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co-efficients at different ages of life. He thought that the "run" of such co-
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Dermatitis Herpetiformis. — The pustules are frequently
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M. D., or any other degree, upon any person. The right to confer
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desperate. Hooping cough has terminated fatally in this way
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on a dish of puppies, and a West Indian will feed equally well on
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every six physicians entered into the compact. This is a very strong
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experimental conditions are such that there is not given to
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eases is made more complete, and is kept upon a level
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Luxation incomplete do riiumeriis; lesection de la tfile
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his original lectures at the CoUege of Physicians in 18G1, pub-
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A man suffering from typhoid fever of a somewhat adynamic character came under
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told in six cases of goitre, the histories of which I will
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close covered, was found concealed under her bed. It contained a prodigious quantitj of
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patient's hopes should not be unduly aroused, because,
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Prescribe Journal-advertised products and you prescribe the best.
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experiment lends no confirmation to the general and popular belief that
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tremens, probably the result of depriving him of the alcohol to which he
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been an advance of enormous importance. I first learned the value of flexible
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Symptoms and Coubsb. — ^The fini stage of the disease has no
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gestive tube, which contains ap^icid. This acid Leuret and Las-
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abstracting a thousandfold from his ultimate prospects of re-
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