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B.Ch., B.xV.O.. on payment to the Senior Proctor of the Degree
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by a process of rhythmical contractions of »he uterus.
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about three and a half drachms of the carbonate. These
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rial infection. External examination of the body shows a pale brown-
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calls " a measure of pure coercion," have taken upon them-
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in the pericardial sac. The origin of this abnormal condition it was
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hickon, with the following history : She commenced menstruat-
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on Ethics, that the Committee may lie able to report
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reflex irritation, which comes on without the usual antecedents of acute
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Collis, one of the Surgeons of the Hospital, in the course of
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indication to the operation. He also thinks that his opponents
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perate condition. The vomiting persisted for five days,
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his time in a warm and well-ventilated chamber. When the atmo-
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water. The use of contaminated water can, therefore, not be disre-
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ery nutritious diet and take certain tonics, though
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times, I found that if I followed a certain plan in
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being very extensive, lacerated, and often located about the head and
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noting as reliable those observations which agreed, hardly ever had
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position. As stated under Fractures, splints may be made out
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difficulty, but an attempt should be made to do it by the Lemberg method
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thick, yellowish-white, creamy pus, which is sometimes mixed
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testinal putrefaction; an excessive output indicates that more protein
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are throughout a number of illustrations describing the methods of
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P.S. — I may add that the friends of the family are making efforts to
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senting their value as part of the maintenance ration and speaks of
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an infra-mammary pain ? Why should any one with gonorrhoea
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They are physical impossibilities. And, too, what becomes of
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attributes the hsematuria noticed in the first case to the same origin as the
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When Dr Finsen, to prove his statements in this respect, adduces the
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rc.-icnls the mortality in the cities named, iis rejjorted to Dr. John 13.