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epidemic disease by suppressing the carrier of the virus, and we point

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that its removal, or evacuation of its contents, became impera-

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action as to create the necessity for resorting to ergot

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times. These precautions are especially valuable in testing the patellar

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in the stomach from admixture with the salivary fluids and the gastric

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sure of the pericardial exudation might have produced the murmur at the

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the advanced stages is often such as to render stimu-

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and Genoud apparatus, which is much used in France.

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clinic, October 19, 1887. She Lad been subject to epilepsy for

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be repeatedly injected into the subarachnoid space without demon-

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was unable to attend the Committee, I confess I am per-

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acted upon by the stomach, but is somewhat dissolved by

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cotton- wool should be introduced if it is desired to retain the medica-

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not larger than a walnut, by its pressure, produced absorption

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of acute yellow atrophy of the liver and of phosphorus poisoning and

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Lt.-Col. (Dr.) Ford, No. 1 Casualty Clearing Station, has

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acquainted with morbid anatomy, they are not as well por-

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or seven homceopathists, and only two or three of this number can be said to be enga-

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periments on himself and on numerous sick and convalescent indi-

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should know things as they are ; for their sake assertions should be

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their appearance. 11 Implementing the KTT earlier in the

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pharmacology considers them as essentially the same as the ordinary

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of the whole blood and the delayed prothrombin time disappeared with

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